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Persistence of Vision

Real Contrast Ratio vs. Projector Specification Contrast Ratio

Active Viewing Ambient Light contrast ratio Infocomm La Lp Passive Viewing PRISC Projected Light Projection Systems Rs Screen Reflectance

Let's look at the idea of a projection system again. A projection system consists of three parts: the projector, the screen and the room. If we consider these three parts and establish values for them, then we can make a reasonable prediction of what our real world Contrast Ratio will be. Further, we will establish what our real world Contrast Ratio needs to be for different projection applications, based on a recent standard developed by Infocomm called PRISC or Projected Image System Contrast Ratio.

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What Is Contrast Ratio and What Does It Mean in the Real World? Part 2

So, what are the causes of poor contrast? Contrast in a projected image can be compromised in two ways: inadequate, or elevated black levels and inadequate white levels. Today's post examines this topic.

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What is Contrast Ratio and What Does It Mean in the Real World? Part 1

In today's post we're going to talk about contrast and contrast ratio in the context of projected video. I'd like to take a moment to go over some video basics and then we'll dive right into Contrast.

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Welcome to Persistence of Vision!

The more of our field of vision that is occupied by an image, the easier it is to suspend disbelief and become engaged with the content being presented. 

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